Halyard Shanty

The halyard word in Halyard Shanty comes from a yard…

Stan Hugill in the BBC series about the seventies of the twentieth century explains to a great extent how the Halyard Shanty works. But the first important thing we need to know is, what yard it is? The yard is the vertical bar, holding sail on square riggers. On one mast was placed even 6 yards!

Halyard Shanty mast with yards

About a half of the yards were movable…

…means due to huge weight, the yards of monstrous ships like last windjammers, from German flying P-Liners have yards which weight roughly around 400 kilograms! So when the wind was huge, and waves high and also ship runs without the cargo, the square-riggers were really in-stabile. To lower the center of gravity, it was necessary for some of the yards to lower them as much as possible.

When the wind was right, and all was good…

… when ship been full of cargo, the time was gold, and every knot of speed was priceless, the sails goes up. All sails as possible have been set, to set all square sails was necessary to raise yards, and now we can come back to Stan Hugill, he says, the halyard is a word invented by combining two words “Haul” and “Yard” and we have “Halyard”.

When Shantyman sings line…

… keeping the line from the top usually with the second mate, he was sing line of the verse, this was waiting time for a job when the chorus starts on, all crew down bellow, through the patent block (usually 3-4 sailors), did a crazy pull on the rope, and an end, another pull of the rope in end, this happens twice, and this is the base construction on halyard shanty.

Haul the halyard rope
Haul the halyard rope 2

Index Of The Halyard Shanty

  1. A Long Time Ago (A)
  2. A Long Time Ago (B)
  3. A Long Time Ago – Cecil Sharp Version
  4. A Long Time Ago (D)
  5. A Long Time Ago (E)
  6. A Long Time Ago (F)
  7. A Long Time Ago (G)
  8. A Long Time Ago – Gordon Hitchcock version
  9. A Long Time Ago – Harding Barbadian melody version
  10. Ane Madam – Bergen Version (Norwegian)
  11. As-Tu-Connu Le Per’ Lanc’lot (French)
  12. Banks Of Sacramento – Patterson Halyard version
  13. Blow Boys Blow (A)
  14. Blow Boys Blow (B)
  15. Blow Boys Blow (C)
  16. Blow Boys Blow (odd verses)
  17. Blow Boys Blow (Norwegian)
  18. Blow The Man Down (A)
  19. Blow The Man Down (B1 – first method)
  20. Blow The Man Down (B2 – second method)
  21. Blow The Man Down (C)
  22. Blow The Man Down (D)
  23. Blow The Man Down (E)
  24. Blow The Man Down (F)
  25. Blow The Man Down (IV – Doerflinger)
  26. Blow The Man Down (V – Doerflinger)
  27. Blow The Man Down – Terry Version
  28. Cheerily Man – Halyard
  29. De Hoffnung (German)
  30. De Hoffnung – English Translation
  31. De Runer Von Hamborg (German)
  32. Goodbye Fare-ye-well (Singurd Sternvall version)
  33. Goodbye My Love Goodbye
  34. Hanging Johnny
  35. Heave Away Boys Heave Away A
  36. Heave Away Boys Heave Away B
  37. Hello Somebody
  38. High O Come Roll Me Over!
  39. Hilo Boys Hilo
  40. Hilo Come Down Below
  41. Hilo Johnny Brown
  42. Hourra Mes Boués Hourra! (French)
  43. Hurrah Sing Fare Ye Well
  44. John Kanaka
  45. Leave Her Johnny – Halyard
  46. Lowlands Low (Halyards)
  47. Lower The Boat Down
  48. Oh Blow Ye Winds I Like To Hear You
  49. Oh Köm un Beer for mi (German)
  50. Poor Old Reuben Ranzo
  51. Ranzo Ray A
  52. Ranzo Ray B
  53. Ranzo Ray C
  54. Reuben Ranzo II – Doerflinger
  55. Reuben Ranzo – Hugills version
  56. Reuben Ranzo – Patterson version
  57. Reuben Ranzo – Sternvall version
  58. Roll Boys Roll!
  59. Roll The Cotton Down (A)
  60. Roll The Cotton Down (B)
  61. Roll The Cotton Down (C) – Halyard Version
  62. Roll The Cotton Down (D)
  63. Roll The Cotton Down (E)
  64. Roll The Cotton Down (F)
  65. Sally Brown (B) – Robbins version
  66. Shallow Brown B
  67. Shallow Brown D
  68. Shallow Brown – Harry Perry
  69. Shanandar – Cecil Sharp version
  70. Shiloh Brown
  71. Stormalong Lads Stormy
  72. Tommys Gone To Hilo – Harlow
  73. Toms Gone Away
  74. Toms Gone To Hilo – Bill Dowling
  75. Toms Gone To Hilo – Terry
  76. Tommy’s On The Tops’l Yard
  77. Toms Gone To Hilo
  78. The Gal With The Blue Dress
  79. The Sailor Fireman (I’ll Fire Dis Trip)
  80. Up Up My Boys Up A Hill
  81. Walk him along Johnny
  82. What is in the Pot A-boiling
  83. Where Am I To Go M’ Johnnies?
  84. Whisky Johnny A
  85. Whisky Johnny B
  86. Whisky Johnny C
  87. Whisky Johnny D
  88. Yankee John Stormalong

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