Blow The Man Down – Terry Version

Interesting Facts about the Blow The Man Down – Terry Version

Here is one of the most favorite shanties is the tops’l halyard shanty “Blow The Man Down – Terry”.
This version has been collected by Richard Runciman Terry in his “The Shanty Book Part I” (1921), here is what the description of this shanty says:
“This is the shanty which is perhaps the best known among landsmen. “Winchester Street” is in South Shields, and in the old days was the aristocratic quarter were only persons of high distinction –such as shipowners, and “South-spainer” skippers–lived…”
I would also like to thank Artur Pietrzykowski for the wonderful illustration that you can find at the beginning of the record.

The song will be reconstructed by myself as the halyard shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “The Shanty Book part I” (1921) – Richard Runciman Terry.

The lyrics:  “The Shanty Book part I” (1921) – Richard Runciman Terry.

Mentioned in: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 212).

The Record of the Blow The Man Down – Terry Version

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Blow The Man Down (Terry Version) - Halyard Shanty

The musical notation

Blow The Man Down - Terry Version - musical notation

The full lyrics

Blow The Man Down (Terry Version)

Oh blow the man down, bullies, blow the man down.
– To me WAY-ay, BLOW the man down!
Oh blow the man down, bullies, blow him a-way.
– Oh GIMME some time to BLOW the man down.

* 2 *

We went over the Bar on the thirteenth of may.
The Galoper jumped, and the gale came away.

* 3 *

Oh the rags they was gone, and the chains they was jammed,
And the skipper sez he, “Let the weather be hanged”.

* 4 *

As I was a-walking down Winchester Street,
A saucy young damsel I happened to meet.

* 5 *

I sez to her, “Polly, and how d’you do?”
Sez she, “None the better for seein’ of you”.

* 6 *

Oh, it’s sailors is tinkers, and tailors is men.
And we’re all of us coming to see you again.

* 7 *

So we’ll blow the man up, and we’ll blow the man down.
And we’ll blow him away into Liverpool Town.

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