Paddy Signs On

Interesting Facts about the Paddy Signs On

“Paddy Signs On”, as Stan Hugill mentioned, comes from “Sang Under Segel” by Sigurd Sternvall (1935) (1st ed p 372, 373). As Sternvall says his version of the song is the capstan shanty (gångspelsshanty). According to Sternvall, the text recorded by sea captain A. M. Säfström on board the bark ship “Trio” of Tvedestrand in 1913. Sung by captain N. A. Knafe. In this somewhat altered and polished form, it is known from the 1890s. This song will be reconstructed as the capstan shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Sang Under Segel” by Sigurd Sternvall (1935) (1st ed p 372, 373).
The lyrics: “Sang Under Segel” by Sigurd Sternvall (1935 (1st ed p 372 – 374).
Mentioned in: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 324).

The Record of the Paddy Signs On

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Paddy Signs On - Capstan Shanty

The musical notation

Paddy Signs On - music notation part 1
Paddy Signs On - music notation part 2

And the full lyrics

Paddy Signs On

A cold and frosty morning of December,
when all of my money I had spent,
where it went to, now I don’t remember –
I down to a shippingoffice went.

That day there was a great demand for sailors
for Frisco and for London and for France,
so I shipped aboard of a whaler
and went off to cash my advance.

– Paddy, lay back,
– take in your slack,
– rally around the capstan!
– Heave a pawl, heave a pawl!
– Ready about your stations, boys, be handy,
– raise tacks, sheets and mainsail haul!

* 2 *

Next morning I came aboard the vessel,
afeeling very heavy on the booze.
I sat upon my chest aquitely thinking,
I turned in my bunk to have a snooze.

Just then I thought I heard a voice calling.
I listened and I heard it again.
It was the mate, a louding hauling:
“Say boys, answer to your names!”

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