Shallow Brown C

Interesting Facts about the Shallow Brown C

Shallow Brown A is a usual version of the general family of the shanties called “Shallow Brown”. At the beginning life of this song, it was used as a pump shanty. As the age of sails progressed, in the late days this song was usually sung at halyards. This version comes from Frederick J Davis; Ferris Tozer – Sailors’ songs or “chanties” (3rd Edition) – (1906). On Page 80 we can find the mentioned song. Also worth mentioning is that this song is in chapter “Songs for pumping the ship out”, so
I will reconstruct this song as a pump shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed: p 259).
The lyrics: Sailors’ songs or “chanties” by Frederick J Davis; Ferris Tozer (3rd Edition, 1906).

The Record of the Shallow Brown C

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Shallow Brown C - Pump Shanty

The musical notation

Shallow Brown C - music notation

The full lyrics

Shallow Brown C

Come get my clothes in order,
– Shallow, Shallow Brown!
I’m off across the border.
– Shallow, Shallow Brown!

* 2 *

My ship will sails to-morrow,
I’ll leave you without sorrow.

* 3 *

Once you were like a fairy,
But now are the contrary.

* 4 *

For you are cross and lazy,
And soon would drive me crazy.

* 5 *

The packet sails to-morrow,
I’ll leave you without sorrow.

* 6 *

Come get my clothes in order,
I,m off across the border.

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