Johnny Come-A-Long

Interesting Facts about the Johnny Come-A-Long

“Johnny Come-A-Long”, a stamp-‘n’-go shanty popular in German ships. Stan Hugill took this shanty from “Knurrhahn” Seemannslieder und Shanties (Zweiter Band) by Richard Baltzer; Klaus Prigge; Knurrhahn-Lotsen-Gesangverein (1936). In comparison, Stan Hugill’s version is slightly different in text and almost identical in music to the “Knurrhahn” version, also title “Knurrhahn” is different (The title from “Knurrhahn” is “Johnny” you can find on page 90 and 91).

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed: p 286).
The lyrics: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed: p 273).

The Record of the Johnny Come-A-Long

My reconstruction will imitate “stamp-n-go” shanty.

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Johnny Come-A-Long - Stamp And Go Shanty

The musical notation

Johnny Come-A-Long - music notation

The full lyrics

Johnny Come-A-Long

Oh, Johnny, Johnny, John,
Come along, come along,
Oh, Johnny, Johnny, John, come along,
Dont stand there like a silly ol’ fool,
don’t stand there a lookin’ so cool,
Dont be shy of the ladies,
an’ the teeth in his mouth want bang-bang!

– Down by the sea, Where the watermelon grow,
– Back to my home, I shall not go,
– And shall I dream of love’s sweet song,
– Who can be happier than a sailor tonight?

* 2 *

Oh, Johnny, Johnny, John,
Was a sailorman,
He’d bin around all day,
Jolin’ with the ladies, playin’ hide’n’seek,
Not a penny to pay for to have a little peek,
Happy as the day went high-diddle-dee,
An’ the girls all shouted bang-bang!

* 3 *

Oh, Johnny, Johnny, John,
In the garden with his gun,
Monkey’s been a-playin’ all the day,
Johnny takes his gun and the gun was loaded,
Johnny took his gun and the gun exploded,
High-diddle-dee, high-diddle-bum,
An’ he never let it go bang-bang!

* 4 *

Oh, Johnny, Johnny, John,
Git along, git along,
Leave little ladies on the shore,
Keep off, John, leave the girls alone,
Say goodbye an’ sail away for home,
Don’t hang round any more,
An’ his ol’ knees went bang-bang!

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