Blow Boys Blow (C)

Interesting Facts about the Blow Boys Blow (C)

Blow Boys Blow (C) was a shanty in which the singer often repeated the solo lines, to string out on a long haul.
This shanty has three patterns:
(a) The Guinea Slaver;
(b) The Buck Ship (A Yankee China Clipper);
(c) The Harry Tate Ship (English skit on Yankee Packets);
This version is the The Harry Tate Ship.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 226).

The lyrics:  “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 228, 229).

The Record of the Blow Boys Blow (C)

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Blow, Boys, Blow (C) - Halyard Shanty

The full lyrics

Blow, Boys, Blow (C)

Blow,me boys, I long ter hear yer,
– BLOW, boys, BLOW!
Blow,me boys, I can’t git near yer,
– BLOW, me bully boys, BLOW!

* 2 *

Oh, a yankie ship came down the river,
Her masts all bent, her sails a-shiver.

* 3 *

How d’yer know she’s a Yankee clipper?
By the Stars an’ Bars that fly above her.

* 4 *

How d’yer think wuz skipper of her?
Why, Slimey Joe wuz the skipper of her?

* 5 *

An’ who d’yer think wuz chief mate of her?
Why, Boss-eyed Bill the Bowery Bastard.

* 6 *

Who d’yer thinks the second greaser?
Why, Santander Jim the ‘Frisco bludger.

* 7 *

The third wuz Sam the Slippery Dodger,
He’ll ride yiz down like yiz ride a spanker.

* 8 *

The bosun wuz a big buck [nigger] bugger,
His handle wuz Joe the ‘Frisco Digger.

* 9 *

The sails wuz just a jobbin’ tailor,
The chips wuz not a Blackwall sailor.

* 10 *

The cook wuz Jack the Boston Booty,
The steward had to learn his dooty.

* 11 *

Her sides wuz old an’ her sails wuz rotten,
His charts the Old Man had forgotten.

* 12 *

Scotchmen hangin’ in her riggin’.
Oh, can’t yiz her them banjoes pingin’?

* 13 *

The crew wuz anything but frisky,
They’d never crossed the Bay o’ Biscay.

* 14 *

What d’yer think they had for dinner?
Nanny goat’s horns an’ a Chinaman’s liver.

* 15 *

She sailed away for Kingston City,
Never got ther, the more’s the pity.

* 16 *

Blow today an’ blow termorrer,
Blow for that ol’ ship in sorrer.

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