Frederick J Davis; Ferris Tozer – Sailors’ songs or “chanties” (3rd Edition) – (1906)

Frederick J Davis; Ferris Tozer – Sailors’ songs or “chanties”

There is hardly any collection of shanties that would not mention Sailors’ songs or “chanties” (3rd Edition) as a real source of shanties. Through Joanne C. Colcord, Stan Hugill, and many others, everyone respects this source, and the source is truly wonderful. If any of you are planning to gain this phenomenal position, please be careful, because of the earlier editions, the fewer shanties. So the first edition contains twenty-some shanties, and the third edition fifty. One of the main advantages of this collection is a sufficiently large number of stanzas for each song.
Note about edition, why even bothered? Well, the first edition of the Sailors’ songs or “chanties” (3rd Edition) contains 24 shanties, the second 40 and the 3rd one 50, so it is a huge difference in the amount of content.

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