Blow The Man Down (B1 – first method)

Interesting Facts about the Blow The Man Down (B1)

Here is one of the most favorite shanties is the tops’l halyard shanty “Blow The Man Down (B1)”. Verses for this version Stan Hugill took from Paddy Delaney, an Irish old-timer, and two or three verses from Bill Fuller who sang them in his version of “Bound Away”.
It was two methods of starting this version, so this is how the first method did go.

Stan Hugill left a record on his album: “Chants des Marins Anglais (1992)” where singing with Stormalong John, and this is the version with melody and tempo, I try to replicate.
I would also like to thank Artur Pietrzykowski for the wonderful illustration that you can find at the beginning of the record.

The song will be reconstructed by myself as the halyard shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 203).

The lyrics:  “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 206, 207).

The Record of the Blow The Man Down (B1)

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Blow The Man Down ( B - first method ) - Halyard Shanty

The full lyrics

Blow The Man Down (B1)

In the Blackball Line I served My time,
– Timme WAY, hay, BLOW the man down!
In the Blackball Line I wasted me prime,
– Ooh! GIMME us some time to BLOW the man down!

* 2 *

Blackball ships are good an’ true,
They’re the ships for me an’ you.

* 3 *

There wuz once a Blackball ship,
That fourteen knots an hour could clip.

* 4 *

‘Twas when this Blackballer wuz ready for sea’
‘Tis then that you’d see such a hell o’ a spree

* 5 *

There’s tinkers an’ tailors an’ sogers an’ all,
All ship as prime seamen aboard the Blackball.

* 6 *

Oh, muster ye sojers an’ fakirs an’ sich,
An’ hear yer name called by a son-o’-a-bitch.

* 7 *

An, when the Blackballer hauls out o’ the dock,
To see these poor bastards, how on deck they flock.

* 8 *

‘Lay aft here, ye lubbers! Lay aft one an’ all,
I’ll have none o’ yer dodgers aboard this Blackball!’

* 9 *

Now see these poor bastards how aloft they will scoot,
Assisted along by the toe o’ a boot.

* 10 *

The second mate stands ’em all up in a row,
A seam in the deck he sure makes ’em all toe.

* 11 *

It’s ‘Fore tawps’l halyards!’ the mate he will roar,
‘Oh, lay along smartly, ye son-o’-a-whore!’

* 12 *

It’s way aloft, lubbers, shake them tawps’ls out,
The last man in the riggin’ he clouts on the snout.

* 13 *

Oh, lay along smartly each lousy recruit,
Or ’tis lifted ye’ll be by the greaser’s sea-boot.

* 14 *

‘Tis larboard an’ starboard on deck ye will sprawl,
For Kickin’ Jack Williams commands this Blackball.

* 15 *

An’ when the Blacballer is levin’ the dock,
All the pretty young gals on the pierhead do flock.

* 16 *

An’ now when she’s leavin’ the ol’ Merseyside,
All hands are now ordered to scrub the ship’s side.

* 17 *

An’ now when she’s clear over ol’ Mersey Bar,
The mate knocks ’em down with a big caps’n-bar.

* 18 *

An’ when the Blackballer hauls clear o’ the land,
The bosun roars out the hoarse words o’ command.

* 19 *

Yes, soon as the packet is well out to sea,
‘Tis cruel, hard treatement o’ every degree.

* 20 *

Ye’ve handspike hash every day for yer tea,
An’ belayin’-pin soup many times will ye see.

* 21 *

Now we are sailin’ the Western so wide,
An’ the green rollin’ seas run along our black side.

* 22 *

Soon, bully boys, we’ll be back round the Rock,
An’ then, bully boys, we’ll be snug in the dock.

* 23 *

An’ then all the hands they will bundle ashore,
To ship in a Blackballer we’ll niver do more.

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