Reuben Ranzo – Sternvall version

Interesting Facts about the Reuben Ranzo – Sternvall version

Reuben Ranzo – Sternvall version is a shanty built around the dirtiest “sailor” who shipped ever – Reuben Ranzo. This Halyard shanty was one of the most rousing of all of the halyard shanties. This shanty due to some of the themes was very popular amongst whalers.
Stan Hugill took whole this beautiful shanty from Captain Sigurd Sternvall’s book, “Sang Under Segel” (1935).
Fortunately, I own a copy of Sternvall’s book . The song we can find on pages 339 and 340, musical notation is also from Strnvall’s book. Here is original Strnvall’s comment to this song:

“None of the old haul songs have been as popular as Ruben Ranzo. Therefore, it is also available in many languages ​​and in many variants. Originally, it’s an American vision over the hated “stow aways” (blind passengers) and “Western ocean packet rats” who were a kind of emigrant hikers or something worse. In the form it has been written down, it has been sung by both Norwegian and Swedish sailors. The one you get to see print is of the kind modest kind. The song is to be sung happily and tragically.

The hauling men shout out their “Ranzo, boys! Ranzo!” in step with the straw as they stretch in the fall. “Cube” is pneumonia and “herring” still. “A shilling became his rent”, enlight English maritime practice the lowest rent a “working emigrant” could be written for on the ship list. “So the shoes lose their duty”, here means that bone chips remained in the deck where he fell. “He was eaten by the black cat”, is synonymous with cold sores.”

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 242).

The lyrics:  “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 242).

The Record of the Reuben Ranzo – Sternvall version

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Reuben Ranzo (Sigurd Sternvall) - Halyard Shanty

The musical notation

Reuben Ranzo - Sternvall version music notation

The full lyrics

Reuben Ranzo

Hans namn var Ruben Ranzo.
– RANZO, boys, RANZO!
Å Ruben va ingen sjöman.
– RANZO, boys, RANZO!

* 2 *

Han tjänt som skräddarlärling.
Av juling fiek han täring.

* 3 *

Å Ranzo fick the notion
en dag to cross the ocean.

* 4 *

Så från en Bond Street tailor
han shipped on board a whaler.

* 5 *

En shilling blev hans hyra.
Men åt han gjorde för fyra.

* 6 *

Han slog för skepparns kärring,
en sur och saltad herring.

* 7 *

Så ramlan ner från riggen,
så skorna tappa pliggen.

* 8 *

På hundvakten om natten
han åts av svarta katten.

* 9 *

Och när i brassar stramar,
av all krafter jamar

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