Simon Spalding – Food At Sea (2014)

Simon Spalding – Food At Sea, I was incredibly lucky to hear about this book

I was incredibly lucky to hear about Simon Spalding – Food At Sea book. I heard about its existence from its author. Simon Spalding is one of the most famous shantymen; known not only in Poland; but also around the world. Very experienced sailor (mainly traditional sail vessels) Musicologist, multi-instrumentalist; historian; Renaissance man (such an American twin of our national shantymen Marek Szurawski). As he says about himself; he has had the privilege of singing with the most famous shantymen known today; Stan Hugill. But this is not what this book is about. The book is the largest compendium of knowledge ever published about food on the water, in the seas, and in oceans.

What we can find in the Simon Spalding – Food At Sea

In the book, the author describes in the smallest detail; various types of dishes and how the diet of a sailor; captain; and passenger was shaped over the centuries; starting from the first centuries, through the glorious period of the great war fleets of the Middle Ages. The nineteenth-century diet of merchant seamen (which is especially in my interest); large transatlantic liners to modern ships, including nuclear submarines.

The book is fantastically complemented by a chapter; with real recipes and the method of preparing the dishes that the author describes in his book. Dishes such as a rat dish or sea biscuits; as well as three ways to prepare grog. Depending on the recipe used in historically documented moments in the history of the navy; a little bit more about the prohibition era … I am so glad that I read this wonderful book right after reading Stan Hugill’s Sailortown; both of these books are a great way to get to know the life of a merchant navy; the center point around which the subject revolved; which is called the shanties.

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