Brindisi Di Marinai

Interesting Facts about the Brindisi Di Marinai

When we talk about the “Reuben Ranzo” halyard shanty, we can find in shanty collections books, many interesting theories about the main character of the song. Also, Stan Hugill also has the theory about who was a Reuben Ranzo. The origin of Ranzo and his shanty could be Sicilian? An emigrant, perhaps, to Yankee land who took with him a song he used to sing when hauling in the long tunny nets when he was a fisherman in the middle of the sea?
Stan Hugill says:
“Hence his fine fisherman’s song was rejuvenated as a deep-sea sailorman’s shanty. I wonder…
For here I present a fisherman’s song used at a similar job of work to that of hauling on halyards, a song for raising and hauling in the tunny nets of the fishermen of Sicily.”
The tune is identical to that of Reuben Ranzo and the pulls came in the same places.

The source of this fishermen song

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 245, 246).

The lyrics:  “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 245, 246).

The Record of the Brindisi Di Marinai

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Brindisi Di Marinai - Fisherman Song

The musical notation

Brindisi Di Marinai - music notation 2
Brindisi Di Marinai - music notation 2

The full lyrics

Brindisi Di Marinai

‘Sciucamunni ’sta lampa!
– Lampabbo! Lampa!
Di ccà nun sinni jemu
– Lampabbo! Lampa!

* 2 *

Si ’sta lampa”ni l’asciucamul!
E nui rusolio vulemu;

* 3 *

La misculanza ci l’amua fari!
E nui ccà semu;

* 4 *

Di ccà nun si nni jèmu.
’Sciucamunni’sta lampa!

* 5 *

Saluti ci avi a dari
A cu’ ni fa travagghiari.

* 6 *

E ci l’avemu a’ mmugghiari;
Un biscutteddu n’avi a dari!

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