Jerzy Wadowski – Piesni Spod żagli (1989)

Just today I finished reading Jerzy Wadowski – Piesni Spod żagli (1989)

Jerzy Wadowski – Piesni Spod żagli (1989) is a fantastic book, about the sea shanties and maritime songs tradition. An author who definitely understood sailor’s work songs and the folklore of the golden age of sails. This book (as Stan Hugill claims in the preface (!)), Is a unique, reliable attempt at understanding the sailor’s work songs, the knowledge of an author about the case is really remarkable. Worth noting in the preface of Stan Hugill’s proviso; is that the recommendation concerns only fragments (for recommendation and review, for Stan Hugill, some of the chapters, have been translated into English, to make possible his feedback).

From Jerzy Wadowski – Piesni Spod żagli (1989) book, I learned about

Many important aspects of the shanties as such and the forebitters as well. Of course, for me, as a person who also uses English-language resources, many facts I read I’ve seen before, but this is a good thing because only testifies to the author, who proves his knowledge of the subject. I think the Polish enthusiasts of the sea shanties are lucky to have this book written in the Polish Language.

Of course, there are also disadvantages, the biggest for me is dry scientific language and too extensive descriptions of some examples of shanties. I think it takes a little effort; to get used to it. This effort in the end well paid for me.
I really recommend this book, especially for all Shanty enthusiasts and lovers of sea songs.

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