Gibb Schreffler – Boxing The Compass (2018)

Gibb Schreffler – Boxing The Compass

I have already read a few books on shanties, and the life and work of Tars from the period when the sails dominated seas and oceans. Each of the items I read brings something to my knowledge; but I must admit that this time; I was really positively surprised by the Gibb Schreffler’s – Boxing The Compass.

Although the author, Gibb Schreffler; surprised me more than once; I will only mention that he was the first (channel name on YT: Hultonclint); to do the almost impossible: he recorded on YouTube all the shanties and forebitters from Stan Hugill’s work – “Shanties From the Seven Seas” ( well, maybe almost all of them; but of course, it’s just a matter of approach; whether each version of the shanty from this book can be treated separately). His articles helps me a lot, and really extended my knowledge, which he publishes on the world’s largest forum of folk music; “Mudcat Caffe” (on the Mudcat Caffe forum, uses the nick Gibb Sahib). In addition, he is a musicologist lecturer, closely associated with the Mystic Seaport Museum.

his book, as I have already mentioned, surprises with its professionalism

This book, as I have already mentioned, surprises with its professionalism, is a great scientific compendium, showing the activity over the centuries concerning, finding, acquiring, shanties collection, and describes each source perfectly, showing its influence, but also the approach to the subject of individual collectors, I try to show the value of each of these works, in an academic manner. There are little guesswork and a lot of reliable and proven information on the subject.

This book is enriched; by a huge list of source texts; which are a great place for the list of the greatest works dealing with shanties. One more note, this book does not contain shanties, but contains the knowledge about people and works describing shanties, does not even describe the shanties themselves “per sé”. For all shanties enthusiasts who wish to have a general view of the history of shanties learning, this is a must-have position.

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