The Hog-eye Man

Interesting Facts about The Hog-eye Man

“The Hog-eye Man”, Stan Hugill mentions that he has no idea why this shanty was treated in a special way by collectors. Namely, collectors always wrote about this shanty in a “muted tone”, it is about the obscenity of the text, but as the author of “Shanties from the Seven Seas” recalls, Other shanties were equally or even more indecent. Terry writes about the meaning of the term “hog-eye” and what a disgusting meaning it had to sailors, but with all the convoluted statements, it doesn’t really explain anything. Captain Whall explains the use of the word “hog-eye”.

He claims it was the kind of barge invented for the newly emerged land trade that used America’s canals and rivers during the Gold Rush (1850). According to Stan Hugill, Terry mixed up words, thought of “Dead-eye”, and wrote about “hog-eye”, that first word had both nautical and obscene meanings. However, the solo parts of this song were indecent and a lot of camouflage was required before the song could be released to the public. The usual place of use for this shanty was the capstan.

The source of The Hog-eye Man

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed: p 269).
The lyrics: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed: p 269, 270).

The Record of this sea shanty

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The Hog-eye Man - Capstan Shanty

The musical notation

The Hog-eye Man - music notation

The full lyrics

The Hog-eye Man

The hog-eye man is the man for me,
He came a sailin’ from o’er the sea,

– An’ a hog-eye!
– Row the boat ashore for her hog-eye!
– Row the boat ashore wid her hog-eye O!
– She wants the hog-eye man!

* 2 *

He came to a shack where his Sally she did dwell,
And he knocked on the door and he rang her bell.

* 3 *

Oh, Sally’s in the garden, pickin’ peas,
An’ the hair of her head hangin’ down to her knees.

* 4 *

Oh, who’s bin here since I’ve bin gone?
Some big buck nigger wid his sea-boots on.

* 5 *

If I cotch him here wid me Sally any more,
I’ll sling me hook an’ I’ll go to sea some more.

* 6 *

Oh, Sally in the parlour a-sittin’ on his knee,
A-kissin’ of the sailor who’d come o’er the seas.

* 7 *

Sally in the garden siftin’ sand,
An’ the hog-eye man sittin’ hand-in-hand.

* 8 *

Oh, Sally in the garden shellin’ peas,
With her young hog-eye all a-sittin’ on her knee.

* 9 *

Oh, I won’t wed a nigger, no, I’m damned if I do,
He’s got jiggers in his feet an’ he can’t wear a shoe.

* 10 *

Oh, the hog-eye man is the man for me,
He wuz raised way down in Tennessee.

* 11 *

Oh, go fetch me down me ridin’-cane,
For I’m off to see me darlin’ Jane.

* 12 *

Oh, a hog-eye ship an’ a hog-eye crew,
A hog-eye mate an’ a skipper too.

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  1. I live in Elgin, Tx. A century ago it was called Hogeye because apparently the only song the musicians at the weekly Saturday night parties knew was Hog Eye Man. There is still a Lower Hog Eye Road southwest of here. The railroad made them move the town and change the name when they laid the tracks.

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