Stan Hugill – Songs Of The Sea (1977)

Songs Of The Sea (1977) is a really big book

It is My great pleasure, to share the Songs Of The Sea (1977) book with you. One of the less (unfortunately) known books by Stan Hugill. A book in a huge size, my friend, shantyman, and great player on Melodeon Greg Bullough who knows Stan Hugill due to his active work in Mystic Seaport Museum says that …

Stan Hugill himself called this book the “coffee table”…

… the quality of photos and paper in this book can be compared to the most expensive albums in the field of painting. Excellent photos and a very interesting formula of “as if by hand” writing. The text of the song adds to the charm of this book. Inside, we can find real gems, in addition to the most famous shanties. We can find a large collection of songs and shanties: Danish, Norwegian, German, and other unique languages.

All non-English songs have an English translation aside.

Additionally, all non-English songs are divided into thematic chapters. I would like to add that in the Songs Of The Sea (1977) book you can find a huge amount of information about the life and customs of sailors living at the time when these songs were sung. As usual, this book has a huge amount of knowledge, not only about sea shanties but also maritime knowledge, which is really helpful to understand the mechanics of the sea shanties.

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