Frederick Pease Harlow – Chanteying Aboard American Ships (1962)

Big thanks, to my mentor, teacher, and friend from the United States, Simon Spalding.

For recommending and introducing me to Frederick Pease Harlow – Chanteying Aboard American Ships. This book is a real treasure for lovers of sea shanties and the times of ironmen on wooden ships. I also wish to recommend reading another Harlow book: “The Making Of A Sailor”. Both complement each other very well. The first “The Making Of A Sailor” describes works where shanties were used. The second “Chanting on American Ships”, is more like a collection of them.

Finally, it is worth adding that many of the greatest shanties singers point to both Harlow’s books. They are one of the main sources of their repertoire and knowledge about sea shanties. Simon Spalding talks about his book “My Secret Weapon”. A few sea shanties from this book Simon Spalding sang on the album “Round The Capstan”, recorded with the Polish shanty band Cztery Refy. Cztery Refy and Stare Dzwony are the leading bands singing traditional shanties in Poland.

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