A Long Time Ago (C)

Interesting Facts about the A Long Time Ago (C)

A Long Time Ago (C) sometimes was sung in a lively fashion other times slow and melancholy, depending on the shantyman. Sometimes it was used at the capstan and then a full chorus was added.

The song will be reconstructed by myself as the capstan shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 97).

The lyrics: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 99, 100).

The Record of the A Long Time Ago (C)

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A Long Time Ago (C) - Capstan Shanty

The full lyrics

A Long Time Ago (C)

The ships they lay in ‘Frisco Bay,
– To me WAY, hay, HO,high ho!
The ships they lay in ‘Frisco Bay,
– A LONG time aGO!

– A long, long time, an’ a very long time,
– To me WAY, hay, HO,high ho!
– A long, long time, and a very long time,
– A LONG time aGO!

* 2 *

An’ one o’ these packets wuz ol’ Noah’s Ark,
All covered all over with hickory bark.

* 3 *

They filled up her seams with oakum an’ pitch,
Her sails wuz baldly in need o’ a stitch.

* 4 *

Her bow it wuz bluff an’ her counter wuz round,
Her knees wuz so thin, an’ her timbers unsound.

* 5 *

Her fo’c’sle wuz low, an’ her starn wuz too high,
The hold for the animals never wuz dry.

* 6 *

Her pumps they wuz jammed and her fores’l wuz torn,
She looked like an ol’ Spanish galley-eye-orn.

* 7 *

Now this is the gangway the animals went down,
An’ this is the hold were they walk round an’ round.

* 8 *

Ol’ Noah of old he commanded this Ark,
His cargo wuz animals out for a lark.

* 9 *

He boarded the animals, two of each kind,
Birds, snakes, an’ jiggy-bugs, he didn’t mind.

* 10 *

The animals rolled up, oh, two by two,
The elephant casin’ the kangaroo.

* 11 *

The bull an’ the cow they started a row,
The bull did his best to horn the cow.

* 12 *

Then Ol’ Noah said with a flick o’ his whip,
‘Stop this bloody row, or I’ll scuttle the ship.’

* 13 *

An’ the bull put his horns through the side o’ the ark,
An’ the little black doggie, he started to bark.

* 14 *

So Noah took the dog, put his nose in the hole,
An’ ever since then the dog’s nose has been cold.

* 15 *

The animals came in three by three,
The elephant ridin’ the back o’ the flea.

* 16 *

The animals came in four by four,
Ol’ Noah wentmad an’ he hollered for more.

* 17 *

The animals came in five by five,
Some wuz half-dead, an’ some half-alive.

* 18 *

The animals came in six by six,
The hyena laughed at the monkey’s tricks.

* 19 *

The monkey was dressed up in soger’s clo’es;
Where he got ’em from, God only knows.

* 20 *

The animals came in seven by seven,
Sez the ant to the elephant, ‘who are yer shovin’?’

* 21 *

The animals came in eight by eight,
A drunken big chimp an’ a scabby big ape.

* 22 *

The animals came in nine by nine,
The sea-lions havin’ a bloomin’ fine time.

* 23 *

The animals came in ten by ten,
The Ark with a shriek blew her whistle then.

* 24 *

An’ Noah while working at loading her stock,
Had anchored the Ark with a bloody great rock.

* 25 *

Ol’ Noah he then hove the gang-plank in,
An’ then the long voyage it sure did begin.

* 26 *

They hadn’t the foggiest where they wuz at,
Untill they piled right up on ol’ Ararat.

* 27 *

The ol’ Ark with a bump landed high an’ dry,
And the bear give the turkey a sailor’s goodbye.

* 28 *

I thought that I heard Ol’ Noah say,
Give one more pull lads, an’ then belay!

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