Joanna Colcord – Songs Of American Sailormen (1938)

Joanna Colcord – Songs Of American Sailormen (1938)

Songs Of American Sailormen (1938) by Joanna Carver Colcord is a cornerstone of the American heritage of the sea shanties. The author herself was born at sea. The father of an author Lincoln Colcord was a captain of a merchant fleet ship for over two decades. The edition from 1938 is an enlarged and revised book from 1924.
The author of the book “Songs of American Sailormen”; describes a huge amount of shanties not only from the musical point of view; but also from the side of the work for which the described shanties were used. Joanna C Colcord’s book is, next to William Doerflinger’s “Shantymen and Shantyboys” and the works of Frederick Pease Harlow; the most important authentic source of shanties and information on shanties.
An interesting fact for Polish fans of shanties is that Joanna C Colchord’s books; were one of the main source texts of the works of one of the two most popular shanty bands; “Cztery Refy”. According to the story of Simon Spalding; in the 1980s, at the request of Jerzy Rogacki; Simon Spalding, using a photocopier (Xero); copied the work of Joanna C Colcord at the Mystic Seaport Museum; one for Jerzy Rogacki and the other for himself. Jerzy Rogacki received a parcel from “America”, containing a valuable photocopy of this wonderful book.

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