Oh Köm un Beer for mi (German)

Interesting Facts about Oh Köm un Beer for mi

Here halyard version of the shanty “Roll the cotton down”, Oh Köm un Beer for mi. This version is sung aboard German ships. This one as a halyard, and “Sacramento” as capstan were the two most popular shanties aboard German ships. Stan Hugill heard and took part in the singing of this hauling song many times and participated in singing this song on board a German barque. Here is the version from “Knurrhahn: Seemannslieder und Shanties” (1936).

The song will be reconstructed by myself as the halyard shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 154 ).

The lyrics: “Knurrhahn – Seemannslieder und Shanties” Richard Baltzer; Klaus Prigge; Knurrhahn-Lotsen-Gesangverein (1936).

The Record of the Oh Köm un Beer for mi

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Oh Köm Un Beer For Mi - Halyard Shanty

The full lyrics

Oh Köm un Beer for mi

No den Suden to, dor foort een Shipp,
– Oh, KöM un Beer for ME!
Verprovianteert mit schlauem Kniff,
– Oh, KöM un Beer for ME!

* 2 *

Wat harr dat schipp for’n proviant,
Dre Arften, dre Bonen, tein Foten vull Sand.

* 3 *

Doch ut de slappkist dor kunnst all’ns hemm,
De Ool dat wor een bussiness-man.

* 4 *

Un morgens Klock soss koom de Ool an Deck,
Un spee denn eerst mol ober dat Heck.

* 5 *

Oh, Stuurmann, wat sund de Luud for ne Blaas,
Laat se eerst mol hentrummen de Raas.

* 6 *

De Stuurmann de gung in vuller Wut,
Nat dat Logis un haalt de Luud herut.

* 7 *

‘Turn to’ wi wullt hentrummen de Raas,
Doch Janmoot denkt, du kannst uns mol.

* 8 *

Un sund wi in Hamborg man eerst vermoort,
Gaat wi von Bord un geevt ‘three boos’.

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