Hieland Laddie (B) – stevedores chant

Interesting Facts about the Hieland Laddie (B) – stevedores chant

One of the most famous “stamp-‘n’-go shanty. The “Hieland Laddie” comes from the old Scottish march and dance tune.
This song Hieland Laddie (B), with these particular lyrics, was sung in two versions, first, is the version sung with the full chorus that was used by timber drogher’s crews at the capstan when loading cargo, heaving in and out, in the timber ports of Canada, and nor’- east America. The second version without a grand chorus was used in halyards or, at the ‘screws’ used to roam tight bales of cotton down the holds of the Cotton Traders. the ‘screwing’ the cotton job was extensively described by Nordhoff, and He was actually the oldest source who gave this text, to us.

The song will be reconstructed by myself as the stevedores’ chant.

The source of this chant

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 143).

The lyrics: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 145).

The Record of the Hieland Laddie (B)

The Version of my reconstruction will be ‘screw’ the cotton song, which is actually not ‘Shanty’ only ‘chant’ – this is how Nordhoff described songs of cotton stevedores. This is one of the great examples, of why not every ‘work song’ is called ‘shanty’.

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Hieland Laddie ( B ) - Stevedores Chant

The full lyrics

Hieland Laddie (B)

Wuz ye ever in Quebec,
– Hieland laddie! Bonnie laddie!
Launching timber on the deck?,
– Me Bonnie Hieland laddie O!

– Way, hay an’ away we go!
– Hieland laddie, bonnie ladie!
– Way, hay, heels an’ toes, me bonnie Hieland laddie O!

* 2 *

Wuz ye ever in Mobile Bay,
Screwin’ cotton on a summer’s day?

* 3 *

Wuz ye ever off Cape Horn,
Where the weather’s niver warm?

* 4 *

Wuz ye ever in Mirramashee,
Where ye tie up to a tree?

* 5 *

Wuz ye ever in London town,
Where them gals they do come down?

* 6 *

Wuz ye ever in Bombay,
Drinkin’ coffe an’ bohay?

* 7 *

Wuz ye ever in Vallipo,
Where the gals put up a show?

* 8 *

Wuz ye ever in ‘Frisco Bay,
Where the gals all shout ‘Hooray’?

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