Bjorn Landstrom – The Ship (1961)

Description of the Bjorn Landstrom – The Ship (1961)

The book that I want to present to you is a very special book by Bjorn Landstrom – The Ship (1961). It can be very useful for all who are passionate about Shanties. This book has been recommended to me by an expert on maritime and shanties, my friend Simon Spalding. This book is for someone who wants to not only listen to songs but also want to understand the shanties. The nautical dictionary, the construction of sailing ships, and the names of individual elements about which shantymen sing. A flagship example may be, for example, an attempt to understand what the word “halyard” means.

The knowledge necessary to answer this question is: what is a “yard”? Knowing that some yards were movable (and why they were movable), and how they were raised and lowered.
This book brings us significantly closer to the answers to these questions. It is not book very detailed, but about the history of our planet’s watercraft, from prehistoric times to the present. It tells about Egyptian ships, Vikings, Galleys, Tall Ships, Warships, etc. This book describes the influence of sails, on the amazing history of the development of the seas and oceans.
About the graphics: the book is beautifully illustrated with over 700 color illustrations, long out of print, but you can buy it in virtual stores for really little money.

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  1. I was just looking for this info for some time. Nearly 7 hours of continuous browsing, luckily I got it in your site. I wonder why search engine never rank this kind of informative sites in the first page. Generally the first few web sites are rubbish. Perhaps it is time to change to another search engine.

    • Thanks so much for the good words, I really try to do my best to share with people all I learned about shanties and forebitters from as original as possible sources, and comments like yours make my work really worthwhille.

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