Jim Mageean – Heave Away (2020)

Jim Mageean – Heave Away (2020) – A Collection of Hauling Shanties

After spending more than 50 years gathering all the information on maritime songs. Particularly the shanties or work songs used by sailors. He finally decided to share some of what he learned. This book is a great gift to the other lovers of these songs in the Jim Mageean – Haul Away (2020).
Jim Mageen sang with all the greatest shanty singers of our world, through his old friend Stan Hugill and others such as Louis Killen, Johnny Collins, Pat Sheridan, Marek Szurawski; and many more that cannot be listed. Also, he is one of not too many shantymen left who sing and learn, traditional as it is, shanties and forebitters.
Jim Mageean – Heave Away (2020), the collection includes 26 very special favored Jim songs (this time are Heaving Shanties). Some of them were published and recorded for the first time. Every song contains a description with essential information about work that needs to be done when using a particular shanty. You can sing shanty smartly, knowing in your imagination when you have to haul the rope or push the bar. And the last thing that I can tell before I read the book though, is that book contains CD with all songs from the book.

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