Traditional Sea Shanties

Do you want to hear true authentic Traditional Sea Shanties?

If you heard of the Traditional Sea Shanties, or you want to know more about shanties, this page is for you. Here, you can find the authentic sea shanties sung and played by me. I assure you, this is the place where you can meet sea shanties. Also here you will find forebitters and other sea songs, sung in an authentic way. The lyrics are always genuine, with not even a single line of “self-invention” added. On my website, you will find real authentic sources of genuine Sea Shanties.

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Gradually I will update this page to give you (as possible), No-nonsense guide for understanding Sea Shanties, related sailorman tradition, and this beautiful piece of history around sea shanties.

What you can expect from my research here

I do try to gain knowledge about the sea shanties, a real knowledge not based on musical preferences, or make them best for use on stage. Much more important to me is the authenticity of shanties that I try to research and reconstruct. This is the reason, why for my singing, I use the word reconstruction.

The core results of my research are the records on my YouTube channel, the reconstructions of the Sea Shanties, performed as authentic as possible way. For those reconstructions, I do apply the knowledge gained from real and authentic resources to apply dynamics and tempo from work, in which the particular Shanties have been used.

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Types of The Shanties

On this page, you will find records of all possible types of Traditional Shanties, here types of Shanties to discover (and few more not listed below):

Pump Shanty

Capstan Shanty

Halyard Shanty

Other Hauling Shanty

Other Songs


Other Types of songs

My private collection of books

Shantyman library –  is the place on my website, that contains the descriptions and recommendations of the books and materials that in my opinion are worth diving into, and true sources of knowledge about the Sea Shanties.

More involvement in Traditional Sea Shanty

You can find this record here or directly listen below. If you want to discuss the record or share your opinion you can do it in my Facebook forum here.

Enjoy the journey!… Sail-Ho!