Sally Brown (C)

Interesting Facts about Sally Brown (C)

This is another “roll” shanty, the most famous “Roll an’ Go!”, also known as “Sally Brown”. Sally Brown (C) is the halyard shanty, as Stan Hugill mentions it is only one theme of this song, and it is – all about Sally and her daughter. As the author of “Shanties from The Seven Seas” mentioned – there existed many obscene verses, which accounts partly for the fact that popularity never waned! Stan Hugill heard this version, very popular on halyards, from Old Smith of Tobago, a great West Indian shantyman.

The song will be reconstructed by myself as the halyard shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 165).

The lyrics:  “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 163).

The Record of the Sally Brown (C)

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Sally Brown C - Halyard Shanty

The musical notation

Sally Brown C - musical notation

The full lyrics

Sally Brown (C)

Oh! Sally Brown she’s a bright mulato,
– WAY-ay, ay, ay, YAH!
Oh, She drinks rum an’ chaws terbacco,
– Oh, WALK along you SALly Brown!

* 2 *

Sally lives on the old plantation,
She is daughter of the Wild Goose Nation.

* 3 *

Seven long years I courted Sally,
But all she did was dilly-dally,

* 4 *

Sally Brown’s a big buck creole,
Her bow is big, but her starn is bigger.

* 5 *

I brought her growns an’ I bought ‘er laces,
Took her out to all the places.

* 6 *

Sally’s teeth are white an’ pearly,
Her eyes are black an’ her hair is curly.

* 7 *

Sally lives in ol’ Jamaica,
Sellin’ rum an’ grown’ terbacker

* 8 *

I call her my ol, Queen of Faces,
Bought her coral beads an’ laces.

* 9 *

The sweetest flower in the valley,
Is my own my pretty Sally.

* 10 *

Sally Brown, what is the matter?
Pretty gal, but can’t git at her.

* 11 *

Sally Brown, I love ye dearly,
Ye had me heart, or very nearly.

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