Goodbye Fare-ye-well (odd verses collection)

Interesting Facts about the Goodbye Fare-ye-well (odd verses collection)

Here is the most popular homeward-bound shanty of them all with, perhaps, the exception of “Rolling Home” – “Goodbye Fare-ye-well” include version Goodbye Fare-ye-well. Goodbye Fare-ye-well (odd verses collection), sailors were ing at the windlass or capstan when raising the anchor. The collection of the culled odd verses to this version is from other shantymen – mainly German and Scandinavian. I think their enough verses to sing them together as a separate version. I used a slightly different melody mentioned by Stan Hugill, after version D.

The song will be reconstructed by myself as the capstan shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 122).

The lyrics: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 123, 124).

The Record of the Goodbye Fare-ye-well (odd verses collection)

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Goodbye Fare-ye-well (odd verses collection) - Capstan Shanty

The full lyrics

Good-bye Fare-ye-well (odd-verses collection)

At home there waits mother, an’ Susie an’ Flo,
– Goodbye, fare-ye-well! goodbye, fare-ye-well!
With all o’ them pulling she’s sure to go.
– Horraw, me boys we’re-homeward-bound!

* 2 *

We’re loaded down; with sugar and rum,
The sails they are set; and the wind she has come.

* 3 *

Our ropes are now taut and our sails they are full,
She spreads out her wings like a herring-back gull.

* 4 *

We’re-homewardbound with a roaring breeze,
We’re-homeward-bound so the Old Man says.

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