Goodbye Fare-ye-well (B)

Interesting Facts about the Goodbye Fare-ye-well (B)

Goodbye Fare-ye-well (B) was sung at the windlass or capstan when raising the anchor. Verses to this version have been taken from the old forebitter “Homeward Bound”.

The song will be reconstructed by myself as the capstan shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 120). I try to recreate this song from hearted Stan Hugill’s version from the album “Chants des Marins Anglais” (1992), with Stormalong John.

The lyrics: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 121, 122).

The Record of the Goodbye Fare-ye-well (B)

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Goodbye Fare-ye-well (B) - Capstan Shanty

The full lyrics

Goodbye Fare-ye-well (B)

Wer’re homeward bound I heard them say,
– Goodbye, fare-ye-well! goodbye, fare-ye-well!
Wer’re homeward bound to Liverpool Bay
– Horraw, me boys, we’re homeward bound!

* 2 *

Wer’re homeward bound to Liverpool Town,
Where them gals they will come down.

* 3 *

An’ when we gits to the Salthouse Dock,
Them pretty young gals on the pierhead will flock.

* 4 *

An’ one to the other ye’ll hear them say,
Here comes Johnny with his tree years’ pay.

* 5 *

Then we haul to the ‘Bull an’ the Bell’,
Where good liquor they do sell.

* 6 *

In comes the landlord with a smile,
Saying, ‘Drink up, lads, while it’s worth yer while!’

* 7 *

But when the money’s all spent an’ gone,
Not even a cent for to call yer own,

* 8 *

In comes the landlord with a hell o’ a frown,
It’s ‘Get up, Jack–let John sit down.’

* 9 *

Then poor ol’ Jack must understand,
There’s ships in port all wanting hands.

* 10 *

An’ he’ll pack up his sea-chest and get under way,
The gals he has left they can take his half-pay.

* 11 *

We’re homeward bound don’t ye hear the Mate say?
We’re homeward bound–the anchor’s aweigh!

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