O Whos Been Here – Cecil Sharp

“O Whos Been Here” is a shanty mentioned by Stan Hugill when He described the “Hog-eye Man” shanty. This song (unfortunately not even a bit of the verse more), we can find in the “Journal of The Folk Song Society” – No 18 (January 1914 page 42). Song was noted by Cecil J. Sharp, sung by Mr. John Allen (aged 67), 183, Adelaide Road, Feb, 18th, 1909. Cecil Sharp tells us that this song is evidently a version of the “Hog-eyed” or “Hawk’s-eyed Man”. The words of this shanty (a favorite when the ship was being hauled into the dock), refers to life ashore, and this verse may belong to other printed fragments. A reference to the Yankee sailor’s sea boots (as contrasted with the pumps or bare feet of English sailors) occurs also in a version of “John’s gone to Hilo”.

The source of the O Whos Been Here

The music: “Journal of The Folk Song Society” – No 18 (January, 1914 page 42).
The lyrics: “Journal of The Folk Song Society” – No 18 (January, 1914 page 42).
Mentioned in: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed: p 272).

The Record of this sea shanty

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O Whos Been Here - Cecil Sharp - Capstan Shanty

The musical notation

O Whos Been Here - music notation

The full lyrics

O Whos Been Here

O who’s been here since I’ve been gone,
A Yankee boy with his sea boots on,

– Ha Ha!
– Ha Ha!

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