Whip Jamboree (Sharp)

Interesting Facts about the Whip Jamboree (Sharp)

“Whip Jamboree (Sharp)” is the capstan shanty. This version comes from ““English Folk Chanteys” by Cecil Sharp (1914) (1st ed: p 10). According to Sharp:
“there are no other versions of this chantey except one, in the major mode, given me by Mr. George Conway. The tune which is Eolian mode is a variant of Santy Anna (No I).In this construction, and to some extent in the character of its words, the chantey is asking to ‘Spanish Ladies’ (Folk Songs from Somerset, No. 124). The words of the chorus show negro influence. The Rock Light is in Cheshire, at the mouth of the Mersey. “Old Dan Lowerie’s,” Mr. Short said, was a popular playhouse in Paradise Street, Liverpool, near the Waterloo Dock, much frequent by sailors.”
The song will be reconstructed by myself as the capstan shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “English Folk Chanteys” by Cecil Sharp (1914) (1st ed: p 10).
The lyrics: “English Folk Chanteys” by Cecil Sharp (1914) (1st ed: p 10).
Mentioned in: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed: p 384).

The Record of the Whip Jamboree (Sharp)

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Whip Jamboree (Sharp) - Capstan Shanty

The musical notation

Whip Jamboree (Sharp) - music notation

And the full lyrics

Whip Jamboree (Sharp)

Now, Cape Clear it is in … sight,
We’ll be off Holyhead by tomorrow night,
And we’ll shape our course for the Rock Light;
– O Jenny, get your oat-cake done.

– Whip jamboree, Whip jamboree,
– Oh you longtailed black man, poke it up behind me.
– Whip jamboree, Whip jamboree,
– O Jenny, get your oat-cake done.

* 2 *

Now, my lads, we’re round the Rock,
All hammocks lashed and chests all locked,
We’ll haul her into the Waterloo Dock,
– O Jenny, get your oat-cake done.

* 3 *

Now, my lads, we’re all in dock
We’ll be off to Dan Lowrie’s on the spot;
And now we’ll have a good roundabout.
– O Jenny, get your oat-cake done.

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