Cant Ye Dance The Polka B

Interesting Facts about the Cant Ye Dance The Polka B

“Cant Ye Dance The Polka B” was a popular capstan shanty on both American and British ships. This is as Stan Hugill described the normal Packet Rat version – usually sung in a Yankee drawl.
The song will be reconstructed by myself as the capstan shanty (used at the Halyard winch).

The source of the Cant Ye Dance The Polka B

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed: p 372).
The lyrics: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed: p 372-373).

The Record of this sea shanty

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Cant Ye Dance The Polka B - Capstan Shanty (used at halyard winch)

The musical notation

Cant Ye Dance The Polka B - music notation

The full lyrics

Cant Ye Dance The Polka B

Tis I walked down the Broadway.
One evenin’ in July,
I met a maid who axed me trade,
an’ a Sailor John, sez I …

– Than away you Santee,
– My dear Annie!
– Ooooh, ye New York gals,
– Can’t ye dance the polka?

* 2 *

To tiffany’s I took her,
I did not mind expense,
I bought her two gold earrings,
An’ they cost me fifteen cents.

* 3 *

Sez she, ‘You Limejuice sailor,
Now see me home you may.’-
But when we reached her cottage door,
She this to me did say.

* 4 *

My flash man he’s a Yankee,
Wid his hair cut short behind,
He wears a pair o’ long sea-boots,
An’ he sails in the Blackball Line.

* 5 *

He’s homeward bound this evening,
An’ wid me he will stay.
So git a move on, sailor-boy,
Git crackin’ on year way.

* 6 *

Si I kissed her hard an’ proper,
Afore her flash man came,
An’ fare-ye-well, me Bowery gel,
I know yer little game.

* 7 *

I wrapped me glad rags round me,
An’ to the docks did steer.
I’ll never court another maid,
I’ll stick to rum an’ beer.

* 8 *

I joined a Yankee blood-boat,
An’ sailed away next morn.
Don’t ever fool around wid gals,
Yer safer off Cape Horn!

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