Mister Stormalong (A2)

Interesting Facts about Mister Stormalong (A2)

A fine old shanty was Mister Stormalong (A2). Analogically, as in “Lowlands Away”; these shanty sailors were used at the pumps; and also later as a capstan. But true it is negro origin and of much older vintage than the “Cutty Sark” period.
In Stan Hugill’s book; are described 6 versions of this family. In this particular version are two patterns:

  • Praising the dead seamen,
  • Praising the benevolent son of the dead seamen.

The second pattern; was usually added after the dirge-like regulation stanzas run out. It happens for a reason that work at pumps was a constant job, especially on old wooden ships; when every changed course or trim the sails; the hull was liked literally “everywhere”. I do separate these 2 patterns.
This is the second version, I will do a little “presentation” of work at the leaver “Jiggity-Jig” (older type) pump.

This song will be reconstructed as the pump shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 72).

The lyrics: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 72, 74).

The Record of the Mister Stormalong (A2)

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Mister Stormalong (A2) - Pump Shanty

The full lyrics

Mister Stormalong (A2)

I wisht I wuz Ol Stormy’s son,
– To me way you Stormalong!
I’d build a ship o’ a thousant ton
Aay! Ay.! Ay! Mister Stormalong!

* 2 *

I’d sail this wide world round an’ round,
With plenty o’ money I’d be found..

* 3 *

We’d sail this ol’ world round an’ round,
An’ get hot rum oh, I’ll be bound.

* 4 *

I’d load her up with Jamaicy rum,
An’ all me shellbacks they’d have some.

* 5 *

We’d git our drinks, lads, every man,
With a bleedin’ big bottle for the shantyman.

* 6 *

I’d load ‘er up with grup an’ gin,
An’ stay in the port that we wuz in.

* 7 *

I‘d feed ye well, an’ raise yer pay,
An’ stand ye drinks three times a day.

* 8 *

An’ whin we git to Liverpool Town,
We’ll dance them judies round an’ round.

* 9 *

Oh, Stormalong an’ around we’ll go,
Oh, Stormalong through ice an’ snow.

* 10 *

When Stormy died he made a will,
To give us sailors gin to swill.

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