Mister Stormalong (A1)

Interesting Facts about Mister Stormalong (A1)

A fine old shanty was Mister Stormalong (A1). The same as in “Lowlands Away”, this shanty was originally used at the pumps and later as a capstan. There are stories about that who believe it was built around John Willis- the owner of “Cutty Sark”. But true it is negro origin and of much older vintage the “Cutty Sark” period.

Stan Hugill’s book describes 6 versions of this shanty. In this particular version are two patterns:

  • Praising the dead seamen,
  • Praising the benevolent son of the dead seamen.

Worth noting, that the second pattern was usually added after the dirge-like regulation stanzas run out. The reason why the stanzas run out was: that the work at pumps was a constant job, especially on wooden ships. Each change to the course or trims of the sails caused the leakage literally “everywhere”. I do separate these 2 patterns because, in the second version, I plan to do a little “presentation” of work at the leaver “Jiggity-Jig” (older type) pump.

This song will be reconstructed as the pump shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 72).

The lyrics: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 72, 74).

The Record of the Mister Stormalong (A1)

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Mister Stormalong (A1) - Pump Shanty

The musical notation

mister-stormalong-a1 music notation

The full lyrics

Mister Stormalong (A1)

Old Stormy he is dead and gone,
– To me way you Stormalong!
Old Stormy he is dead and gone,
– Aay! Ay
.! Ay! Mister Stormalong!

* 2 *

Of all ol’ skippers he was best,
But now he’s dead an’ gone to rest.

* 3 *

He slipped his cable off Cape Horn,
Close by the place where he was born.

* 4 *

Oh, off Cape Horn where he was born,
Our sails wuz torn an’ our mainmast gorn.

* 5 *

We’ll dig his grave with a silver spade,
His shroud of finest silk was made.

* 6 *

We lowered him down with a golden chain,
Our eyes all dim with more than rain.

* 7 *

He lies low in his salt-sea [earthen] bed,
Our hearts are sore, our eyes were red.

* 8 *

An able seaman bold an’ true,
A good ol’ skipper [bosun] to his crew.

* 9 *

He’s moored at last an’ furled his sail,
No danger now from wreck or gale.

* 10 *

Old Stormy heard the Angel call,
So sing his dirge now one an’ all.

* 11 *

Oh, now we’ll sing his funeral song,
Oh, roll her over, long an’ strong.

* 12 *

Old Stormy loved a sailors’ song,
Hes voice wuz tough an’ rough an’ strong.

* 13 *

His heart wuz good an’ kind an’ soft,
But now he’s gone ‘way up aloft.

* 14 *

For fifty years he sailed the seas,
In winter gale and summer breeze.

* 15 *

But now Ol’ Stormy’s day is done;
We marked the spot where he is gone.

* 16 *

So we sunk him under with a long, long roll,
Where the sharks’ll have his body an’ the divil have his soul.

* 17 *

An’ so Ol’ Stormy’s day wuz done,
South fifity six, west fifty one.

* 18 *

Ol’ Stormy wuz a seaman bold,
A Grand Ol’ Man o’ the days of old.

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