Lowlands Away (A) (i)

Interesting Facts about Lowlands Away (A) (i)

Lowlands Away (A) (i) was originally a pumping shanty; also later used as a windlass and capstan shanty. According to Stan Hugill, because was difficult to sing, was never popular. Terry, claims that this song, after the China clipper era was seldom heard.
This “Dead Lover” theme, it is definitely, originated in Scotland or North England.

This “dead lover” pattern one I sing of four is:
“The dead lover is a male”
another three patterns are:
“The dead lover is a female”,
“Sailor’s dream of his sweetheart”
“Later southern States version”

I will reconstruct this song as the pump shanty.

The source of this sea shanty

The music: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 65).

The lyrics: “Shanties from the Seven Seas” by Stan Hugill (1st ed p 65, 66).

The Record of the Lowlands Away (A) (i)

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Lowlands Away (A1) - Pump Shanty

The musical notation

lowlands-away-a-i music notation

The full lyrics

Lowlands Away (A) (i)

– Low-lands Lowlands, away my John!
– Lowlands, Away I heard them say,
– [My] Lowlands, away!

* 1 *

I dreamt a dream, the other night,
– Lowlands , Lowlands, away my John!
I dreamt a dream, the other night,
– [My] Lowlands, away!

* 2 *

I dreamt I saw my own true love,
He stood so still, he did not move,

* 3 *

I knew my love was drowned and dead,
He stood so still, no word he said.

* 4 *

All dank his hair, all dim his eye,
I knew that he had said goodbye.

* 5 *

All green and wet with weeds so cold,
Around his form green weeds had hold.

* 6 *

I’m drowned in the Lowland Seas,’ he said,
‘Oh, you an’ I will ne’er be wed.’

* 7 *

I shall never kiss you more,’ he said,
‘Never kiss you more — for I am dead.’

* 8 *

I will cut my breasts until they bleed.’
His form had gone — in the green weed.

* 9 *

I will cut away my bonnie hair,
No other man will think me fair.’

* 10 *

I bound the weeper round my head,
For now I knew my love was dead.

* 11 *

My love is drowned in the windy Lowlands,
My love is drowned in the windy Lowlands,

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