Richard Runciman Terry – Shanties With Descants (1921)

Richard Runciman Terry – Shanties With Descants – Grand Hall Shanty revival

“Shanties with Descants” – Shanties collected and arranged by SIR RICHARD TERRY. Descants written by MAURICE JACOBSON – set 1(date of publication unknown to me).
Here is the publication, one of the many published during the so-called “Grand Hall shanty revival”, when tenors in beautiful tuxedos and choirs of classical music singers played scenes from “ship decks” on the stages of theaters, where the shantymen sang and the choir sailors in perfect harmony, answered in the chorus. The period of this revival falls in the second and third decades of the 20th century.

In the publication, we find five real deep-sea sailor shanties. The music in the arrangement has a full music notation written for two voices and a pianoforte, each song has a really good number of stanzas. It is worth noting that this is one of the two parts of this publication, unfortunately, I haven’t got the second one yet, so if someone has information on where to get, and buy, or someone has the second part and would like to make a gift for my collection, please contact me.

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