The Chamber Journal (1869)

“Sailors’ Shanties And Sea-Songs” – Chambers Journal, Saturday, December 11, 1869

I must admit that The Chamber Journal (1869); is one of the most valuable items in my collection of books on the subject of my research on shanties. There are many reasons why I think so; the first is the publication date of this wonderful article; it is dated before the publication of the first great collection of shanties by Alexandrine Smith (“The Music of The Waters”); in 1888, thus 19 years earlier, it is also a time when the shanties were truly in the golden age. The second reason is that, despite the fact that the content is relatively small, the enormity of the content is really overwhelming, it is important to list the types of shanties and confirm their usefulness, I highly recommend it. (For those interested, I will be happy to send you pictures of the entire article).

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